Features included

Ready-to-Use Questionnaires

Whistleblowerr™ comes with pre-made and ready-to-use questionnaires that are presented to the whistleblower when new reports are made. Custom questionnaires can be added as well, to meet specific legal or corporate requirements within each organization.

Easy Reporting and Handling

Whistleblowerr™ enables the whistleblower to create a report while remaining anonymous. The administrator and/or the designated recipients can read and manage incoming reports, create custom report statuses and sub-statuses to effectively keep track of all reports. Meanwhile, whistleblowers receive ongoing notifications whenever a new update has been made.

Channels and Teams

Create your own channels to ensure correct archiving and management of incoming reports. Channels are often used for different departments or teams. Each channel can be assigned to one or more recipients and has a unique set of rules regarding time frames for reminders, expirations, and pre-selected questionnaires.

Multiple Languages

The Whistleblowerr™ admin panel, including email notifications and questionnaires presented to the whistleblower, is available in English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, French, German, Spanish, and more than 90 additional languages. All templates and text fields can be edited in the admin panel if specific terms or definitions need adjustment to meet the requirements of your organization.

Ready-to-Use Email Notifications

Whistleblowerr™ simplifies the management of whistleblower reports by offering pre-made email notifications that are automatically sent to whistleblowers when new updates or actions have been taken in each case. If you prefer sending these notifications from your own company domain name, this can be set up in the admin panel by using your own SMTP/TLS server.

Customizable Look and Feel

The Whistleblowerr™ admin panel can be customized to fit the brand identity of your organization, such as inserting your logo, uploading custom font types, changing color schemes, and adjusting text elements. Coding in CSS is required for some of these changes, but if you need help altering the visuals in the admin panel, we offer this service for a one-time fee, allowing you to sit back and let us handle the customization.

Audit Log

All changes are stored in the audit log and can be accessed by the Account Owner in the admin panel. However, no logs of IP addresses are stored to protect the whistleblower and ensure secure and anonymous reporting.

Unlimited Recipients

Whistleblowerr™ Premium comes with a single subscription and a single price, regardless of how many recipients, employees, or members your organization has. Each Whistleblower™ account has one administrator login, which has full access to the account and is considered as the Account Owner. Additional recipients (users) can be added to the admin panel to help handle incoming reports within the organization.

Two-Factor Authentication

To ensure a high level of data security, two-factor authentication can be activated to protect your data and help safeguard the identity of the whistleblowers. We highly recommend all users of Whistleblowerr™ to activate 2FA.

ISO & GDPR Compliant

Whistleblowerr™ complies with ISO 37002 and EU Directive 2019/1937. GDPR data retention policies and GDPR-compliant subscriber modules for new users of SaaS services can be configured in the admin panel.

Priority Support

By creating a Whistleblowerr™ account, you will be assigned a dedicated Success Manager, whom you can reach by phone, email, or by scheduling an online meeting.

Supports Multiple Devices

It goes without saying, but the Whistleblowerr™ admin panel supports multiple devices such as desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Easy Onboarding

Need help setting up your new Whistleblowerr™-platform? No problem. For a one-time fee, we offer Easy Onboarding where we set up a ready-to-use account with one admin user, follow it with a custom brand identity, create up to 3 custom questionnaires, and provide an online workshop where you and your team will be onboarded properly. Contact us for further information.