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Duration: 15-30 min | Where: Teams | Price: 0 DKK

Is your company at risk of fines, or do you have 100% control of your Compliance policy?

After December 17, 2023, EU companies risk fines for disregarding this legislation.

Target Audience: HR, IT & Compliance, Sales, Marketing, Communication, Business Development, Management, Board of Directors, Advisory Board, Stakeholders, or Investors.

Charlie Rytter

Internally documented whistleblower policy

Processing plan for reported cases

Internal written procedures

Communication to employees

Internal & chosen whistleblower committee

Anonymous communication

Avoid negative publicity - before it's too late.

Risk of fines after Dec 17, 2023

Who should participate in a video meeting?It's a good idea if a decision-maker comes from either the IT department, HR department, or management.

How long does a meeting take?30 minutes have been allocated.

What will happen at the meeting?Since it's a free meeting, the agenda will be simple.

· You'll gain clarification on questions about the EU regulation that covers all companies with 50 employees or more.

· We'll find a solution for your company so you won't face fines.

· You'll learn more about our workshop where we educate companies on compliance.

The meeting will last approximately 30 minutes and will take place via Microsoft Teams.

Does it cost anything?No.

How does it work technically?Once you've chosen an available time, you'll need to answer a questionnaire. This ensures we can find the competence that is needed since a whistleblower system encompasses both a management, HR, and IT perspective.

Do I need to download anything?No. After you've booked a time, you'll receive a confirmation via email. In this confirmation, there's a link to Microsoft Teams. You can choose whether you want to appear on webcam, but it would be nice to say hi face-to-face.

What is a whistleblower Scheme?A whistleblower Scheme is a mechanism that provides a channel for employees or individuals within an organization to anonymously report irregularities or violations without fear of retaliation. It promotes transparency and accountability.