We believe in a better World!

About Whistleblowerr™

Whistleblowerr™ as a software, ensures confidentiality and reduces the risk of retaliation, facilitating the investigation and resolution of reported concerns. By promoting a culture of transparency and accountability, our software can help organizations to build trust and prevent future incidents. Our goal is to create a better world for everyone by supporting whistleblowers and promoting a culture of integrity.

Whistleblowing since '21

We started out back in 2021 helping companies setting up secure and anonymous it-solutions for reporting management, which was later on to become known as Whistleblowerr™. We believe that a more safe environment leads to a better World. By helping companies and organizations establish a secure and safe platform, which allow whistleblowers to submit reports safely and anonymously, this leads not only to a better World, but protecting both brand and integrity of the organization as well.



Our mission

Our mission at Whistleblowerr™ is to promote transparency and accountability by providing a secure platform for employees to report unethical or illegal behavior in the workplace. We believe that encouraging whistleblowers to come forward can create a more ethical and just society.

The founders

Whistleblowerr™ was founded by Sebastian and Charlie with the idea that establishing a digital whistleblowing solution should be easy for companies that are required to do so, and it should not cost a fortune. They have been working professionally in the IT field for two decades, primarily focusing on Data and Information Security, Cybersecurity, GDPR, ISO standards, Communication, Data Compliance, Risk Assessments and Project Management.

Co-founder at Whistleblowerr, Sebastian Davidge
Sebastian Davidge
Co-founder at Whistleblowerr, Charlie Rytter
Charlie Rytter